UX Design

Every day over 5000 apps are submitted to the app store. Some are successful, while many fail to thrive. What are the differentiating factors in these cases?

The truth is that creating a successful product isn’t just about building something that “works''. What users really want is an app that works well and feels good to use. Having a positive experience with an app is the result of great UX (user experience) design.

UX design is all about optimizing your users' experience by understanding their needs, and creating an app that will allow them to meet those needs in the easiest and most pleasurable way possible.

Aside from creating a positive experience for your user, great UX Design:

  • Ensures your product will attract and retain users

  • Creates more revenue. Users are more likely to pay for something that meets their needs and is easy to use - and they’ll be more likely to recommend your product too.

  • Gives you room to grow. UX design is all about knowing who your users are, helping you to anticipate and build for future needs.

The UX module of the Yeti App Design & Development Master class will provide you with all the tools and skills you'll need to ensure that the app you're building will provide its users with a stellar experience that they'll keep coming back to!


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